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A NetSport Advertisement!!!
Promoting  Youth  Sports  In  Southern  California!

Advertise With NetSport
NetSport is similar to other free hosting sites in that we derive our income from advertising revenues. We differ in that our clients are not limited to our version of what their youth sports oriented site should look like!

Our demographics are simple. Youth Sports leagues in southern California. Be it baseball, football, basketball, scouting or any other sports a child would participate in.

Our advertising partners can take advantage of this demographic by purchasing spots in our banner rotation. The rotation consists of 30 spots. 10 are reserved for NetSport promotional items, and 20 are available for sponsors. Our rotation is unique in that we use a java applet to display the banners. The applet changes the banner every 15 seconds so each banner has much more visibilty than a static banner per page system would allow.

Pricing is simple and affordable. Each banner spot currently costs $20 a month with a minimum of 3 months. Banners can be supplied by the customer, or created by us for a fee of $15 per banner. Banner sizes are limited to 468x60 and due to our java display, they can not be animated. NetSport reserves the right to refuse any banners that, in it's sole discretion, would be inappropriate for our target audience.

Prices are subject to change, but are based on $20 per month per 1000 average unique hits per day, minimum of $20 per month. The fee is based on unique hits per day (as measured by NetSport) when the purchase is accepted. Since the price wont increase until the average hits per day crosses 2000, your banner could be online at a cost per display of less than 1 cent!

Current costs are [$20.00 per month / Average unique hits per day (192)] = $0.104 cost per average unique hit/day (note, each hit generates multiple banner displays, so your cost per display is significantly lower). Individual client stat's are available from the CLIENT PAGES link in the main menu.

Finally, please understand that NetSport is not trying to get rich off of our clients. Revenue exceeding legitimate costs is shared back to our clients on a hits based ratio! Your ad helps fund our sites and is a revenue generator for the clients as well!

We would LOVE to have you as a sponsor, and invite you to contact us to find out more, or to set up your banner!

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