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We are the premiere web presence for anything and everything about Youth Sports in Southern California!!! New to the area and want to find a sports organization to put your kids in? Want to know about tournaments / camps / clinics for your young star? NetSport is PROMOTING YOUTH SPORTS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!
Check out our Message Board! Chat with other folks about anything and everything related to youth sports!

There are currently 172 messages in 76 threads with the latest being posted by Baja me on Jul 05, 2006.
NetSport is proud of our LINK Collection! We scan it weekly to make sure it is as accurate as possible! Find the website for the Youth Sports Organization in you area... If your's isn't shown, submitt it for inclusion!

There are currently 679 links representing 221 cities in Southern California!
Announce your invitational tournament using our service. You can edit the event when new information becomes available! If you are looking for a tournament for your team to play in, check out our information!

There are currently 28 tournaments listed.
Looking for an official for your game / tournament? Are you a qualified official looking for more games? Chat it up!

There are currently 5 messages in 5 threads with the latest being posted by JoeyBrox on Aug 27, 2006.
To conserve space on our servers, we have consolidated the entire photo gallery archive into this web site. Current photos will still be displayed on the site they were taken for, so check those pages for the latest photos!

There are currently 240,610 pictures in 66 series available for viewing!
Have a youth sport camp / clinic coming up? List it here so all the NetSporter's can participate!

There are currently 13 camps listed.
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Want to play scrimmage games against other local teams? Announce your interest and PLAY BALL!

There are currently 16 messages in 7 threads with the latest being posted by shootthe3 on Jul 24, 2005.
You can now register your travel team! The display will highlight teams looking for new players and much more. Please take a minute and register your team!

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